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Emergency Ward

MD Pharma Consulting Group

Founder of Healthcare Business Solutions

Hospital Management

1- Gap Analysis

MD Pharma Consulting Group provides audit and professional appraisal of the following hospital departments for gap analysis:

  • Infection Control.

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

  • Information Technology (IT).

  • Biomedical Engineering.

  • Human Resources (HR).

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC).

  • Accounting and Finance.

  • Customer Care.


2- Policies, Standard Operating Procedures, and Internal Working Instructions

Guided by MD Pharma Consulting Group's gap analysis, our hospital management experts will develop policies governing the performance of work at the hospital, deliver the developed policies to the hospital management board or the chairman of the board of directors, develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) and internal working instructions (IWIs), and train the hospital staff on implementation of the SOPs and IWIs.

3- Resource Optimization and Allocation

Based on MD Pharma Consulting Group's qualitative research on the community needs, hospital response, and organizational priorities, our hospital management experts will deliver customized indicators for resource optimization and allocation.

4- Market Research and Competition Analysis

MD Pharma Consulting Group conducts customer panels, focus groups, surveys, interviews, and feasibility studies to assess customer needs, market drivers, and marketplace competitors.

5- Strategic, Budget, and Profit Planning

Guided by MD Pharma Consulting Group's market research and competition analysis, SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats) analysis, and pharmacoeconomic and health technology assessment studies, our hospital management experts will develop strategic, budget, and profit plans aligned with the hospital's mission and vision statements.

6- Talent Evaluation and Acquisition, Capacity Building, and Training of the Trainer

MD Pharma Consulting Group HR and hospital management experts identify and acquire skilled workers to meet the hospital's demands, evaluate the hospital's staff training needs, deliver customized courses for capacity building, and train the trainer (ToT).

7- Hospital Information Management System

MD Pharma Consulting Group hospital information management system provides an integrated holistic solution for automation of the daily hospital processes and complete follow-up of the patients.

8- Accreditation Consultancy

Based on MD Pharma Consulting Group's gap analysis, our QA/QC, regulatory, and hospital management experts will develop an action plan for the hospital to meet the quality and regulatory requirements and standards established by recognized international and domestic accreditation organizations like the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the General Authority for Healthcare Accreditation and Regulation (GAHAR), respectively.

9- Mystery Shopping and Customer Satisfaction Research

MD Pharma Consulting Group's healthcare mystery shoppers report real-time assessment of customer experience and provide detailed, unbiased insights and feedback to hospitals, clinics, health maintenance organizations, outpatient facilities, and medical practices.

10- Patient Queuing Model

MD Pharma Consulting Group studies the demographics of the residential neighborhood and recommends the best queuing model to decrease ER patient flow and hospital waiting list.

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