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The growing role of machine learning in the bio-pharmaceutical and medical device industry

MD Pharma Consulting Group

Responsive to the growing demand for better drugs, vaccines and medical devices

About MD Pharma Consulting Group

MD Pharma Consulting Group is a science-driven, quality-focused leader who provides innovative consultations and executive solutions to diverse healthcare, biopharmaceutical, and medical device industry stakeholders. Pharmacovigilance, medical affairs, risk management, medical monitoring, data management, product management, statistics and data analysis, health economics and outcomes research, medical writing, and hospital management outline our scope of clinical research, post-market, and healthcare deliverables. Our operational headquarters is in the GTA, ON, Canada and our regional office is conveniently located in Cairo, Egypt.

Commitment to Patient Safety.

Dedication to Trial Integrity.

Support to Drug and Medical Device Development. (read more)

Promotion of Human Well-being.

Productive Bio-pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry.

Paradigm Shift in the Role of CROs.

(read more)

Stakeholder Management Oriented.

Science and Ethics Driven.

Quality Focused. (read more)

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