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MD Pharma Consulting Group

Geared towards continuing professional development

Collaboration between Edge Plus and MD Pharma Egypt

Edge Plus


Edge Plus is the success hub of choice for healthcare professionals – Pharmacists and Medical Doctors (MDs) – preparing for their Canadian board exams, continuous education and post license practice enhancement.


Edge Plus specializes as well in preparing professional calibers who moved to Canada and are seeking competitive job opportunities in the local market.


Edge Plus strives to be a leader in the Canadian pharmacy and medicine board preparation, continuous education and people development across the globe, through providing unsurpassed training, education services, tailor-made developmental plans and creative solutions for personal and professional success.


Edge Plus Faculty Board members are characterized by three core competencies; integrity, creative thinking and effective communication; hence they support candidates to have the most individualized, outcome-based and result-driven successful plans in place.

Edge Plus Faculty Board guides you through each step of the pharmacy and medicine examination boards of Canada certification processes. Experts offer realistic exam-focused lessons, intensive preparation sessions, case-based scenarios, comprehensive and crash courses, final mock exams, and unlimited access to the most updated audio and video library during the course duration to ensure you are fully prepared for the PEBC and LMCC.

Edge Plus has signed an agency agreement with MD Pharma Consulting Group Egypt to be Edge Plus representative office in Cairo, Egypt.

What Does MD Pharma offer?

  1. Promotion for the courses through in-person and/or social media channels.

  2. Receiving phone calls and emails to address the candidates' inquiries.

  3. Candidates' registration process to guarantee smooth enrollments.

  4. Fees collection, cancellation, classroom booking, course schedules, and funds settlements/transfer.

  5. Candidates' booking in Egyptian or Canadian Currency (Cash, Online, Bank Wire, Cheques, Visa/Mastercard, PayPal).

  6. Special payment programs - to be discussed with MD Pharma Consulting Group 

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